Idelia Mars, an international new talent in the Pop/Electronic/Dance/R&B genres, is a singer, songwriter, dancer, model and actress.  Idelia’s broad range of skills and experience has enabled her to create a brand that embraces all media and has cast her as an extraordinary entertainer. Idelia can perform singing in English, Russian and Tatar.


Born Ideliya Makarova Marsovna, in Kazan,
the capital of the small exotic Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, Idelia grew up
surrounded by a love of music. Her
father is a popular classical music
composer and her mother is a singer.
Her father says fondly, “As a child,
Idelia loved performing for guests and
also wrote many beautiful poems. She
has felt a soulful connection to music
from a very young age.”

Early Career

Idelia’s television career began in second grade when she was cast by the producer of a theatrical television show for children.  As a teenager Idelia discovered her love for pop / techno  /dance music. She took music, choreography and acting classes and also became a video jockey for the Tatar
Television youth program “Yashlar
Tuktalyshy”, revolutionizing the program
with a new freestyle format. It was
during this period Idelia realized she had something to share, something new and
not-seen/heard-before, and she decided to follow her inspiration and pursue a career
in music/entertainment.

Recording Artist

While on “Yashlar Tuktalyshy”, Idelia released her debut single “To The Moon” in two versions, Tatar and English.  She made her first music video for the Tatar version.  Her follow-up single and video, “Tatar Girl” was extremely successful and charted.

Her unique, seductive voice and artistic expressions captured the hearts of many!

Idelia enjoys a “hands on” approach in the creation and production of her music…writing lyrics and creating melodies, harmonies, and hooks as well as dancing and acting in and directing her music videos. Her music, charisma and rebellious nature have caught the attention of young adult fans and the media, resulting in several appearances on television and interviews in newspapers and magazines.

Idelia currently resides in the Miami, Florida, USA and is continuing her musical development and evolution. With a strong and growing North and South American fan base, she continues creating and producing songs with universal appeal, featuring strong Western beats with just a hint of her Tatar roots.